Finca La Donaira – An Eco-retreat perfect for the body, soul and conscience.

Deep within the Andalusian Mountains, rests an enigmatic Eco-retreat of pure relaxed luxury.
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Barford Beach House – It’s cool to go Coastal.

Barford Beach House somehow manages to combine the luxury of a Boutique Hotel, with the character and laid back welcome of a family home.
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The Bloomsbury Hotel – Bringing the ol’ razzle dazzle back to life!

The old school romance, 1920’s opulence and artistic infusions make The Bloomsbury an enigmatic and alluring destination.
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The Most Romantic Hotels in England

As Valentine’s Day approaches and thoughts turn to love, we explore the most romantic hotels in England searching for the perfect Valentines moment…
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Dispelling the Myths 5: Don’t get weighed down by Copper gauge

Is copper gauge an indicator of Copper Bath quality?
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Snowdrops and Copper baths – ‘The meaning behind the image’

Ever wondered why we use flowers in our imagery? What do flowers have to do with Copper Baths you may ask?!...
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Dispelling the Myths 4: The Superhero qualities of Copper

Is your copper bath good for you? Will it stay warm?...
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William Holland Copper Baths: Sailing the High Seas in Style

This classic 1922 ‘Dunkirk Little Ship’ combines traditional heritage with iconic 1920's glamour. Featuring Rich Walnut Interiors and a bespoke Copper Bateau Bath, Tahilla is the 'sea going version of the Orient Express.’
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Dispelling the Myths 3:  Is copper and water a recipe for rust?

Will your copper bath corrode?
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Georgian Gentility and Copper Baths

Set in the heart of picturesque Wimborne, 1777 The Albion is a delightful, boutique Inn offering all the Georgian charm of a period drama.
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Dispelling the Myths 2: Maintaining Copper Bath beauty

Is your copper bath high maintenance?
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Embrace the January Blues!

Forming part of our ‘Living Finish’ range, this weathered copper exterior continually evolves in tune with the environment. Blues don’t have to be moody… this January let them sing!
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Dispelling the Myths 1: Copper Baths take on the style heavyweights

How heavy is your copper bath?
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Meet the Creative: An Interview with Interior Designer Zoe Perks

In the first of our Blog series ‘Meet the Creative’ We are thrilled to interview Award Winning Interior Designer Zoe Perks, creator of Beautiful Rooms by Zoe and winner of this year’s Grand Designs Live, Room Set 2018.
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Arior Design –Amazing small spaces!

Brass basins, sultry shades and a flash of vibrant colour in this stunning cloakroom by Arior design proves even the daintiest of spaces can be full of character and flair!
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William Holland and the Enchanted Treehouse.

With panoramic views over the woodland grounds, secluded terraces, curvaceous interiors and even an outdoor copper bath, Clowance Treehouse is a breathtakingly enchanting escape.
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William Holland Copper Baths: Eco-Luxury at the Catacuba Hideaway

Award winning Eco-Villa, the Catacuba hideaway, revels in an omniscient location. Floating above the Brazilian Rainforest, this modernist country home is a masterclass in sustainable luxury.
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William Holland Copper Baths : Living the Good Life at Warborne Farm

Reclining beneath a soaring skylight, the iconic Bateau Bath is perfectly placed for dreamers where bathers can bask in a swathe of sunshine or gaze into the starlit sky.
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