William Holland baths are handcrafted using traditional Artisan techniques. Hand finished to order by our team of British Master craftsmen each and every bathtub is a unique work of art.  Available in an array of metallic or enamel finishes, sizes and styles, our range of Copper, Brass, Tin, and Nickel baths are pure luxury by design.

At the heart of every William Holland bath lies an unwavering commitment to aesthetics and luxury. With over two decades of mastery in crafting antique bathtubs, our collection transcends the ordinary, offering an exquisite array of luxury bathtub spas that speak the language of sophistication and tasteful design.

Each piece, from the gleam of an antique copper bathtub to the timeless elegance of a metal bath tub, is a testament to the skill and passion of our British Master craftsmen. Embrace the allure of our luxury copper baths, designed not just for their aesthetic appeal but as a sanctuary for rejuvenation and bliss.

Our bespoke range, celebrated for its diversity in style and finishes, enables you to find the perfect antique bath that resonates with your unique taste. Explore all our finishes for freestanding baths:

From the arresting beauty of a hand-finished antique bathtub to the serene opulence of a metal bathtub, every piece is curated to elevate your bathing experience into a lavish escape. 

Embodying elegance and superior design, our baths have adorned spaces, creating immersive, luxury bath experiences across the globe. Feel free to explore the visual splendour of William Holland baths in  our Commercial and Residential Galleries and behold it with your own eyes.

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Bateau Bath in Copper
Petit Bateau Bath
Bateau Bath in Copper
Bateau Bath
Bateau Bath in Copper
Grand Bateau Bath
Aequs Bath in Copper
Aequs Bath
Aequs Bath in Copper
Grand Aequs Bath
Slipper Bath in Copper
Slipper Bath
Rotundus Bath in Copper
Rotundus Bath
Alvius Bath in Tin
Alvius Bath
Petit Alvius Tin Bath
Petit Alvius Bath
Delphina Bath with Nickel Exterior and White Enamel Interior
Delphina Bath
Balaena Bath with brass exterior and brass interior
Balaena Bath


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