The perfect balance between contemporary styling and romantic classicism, the William Holland Rotundus is a sculptural copper bath with extraordinary ambience and style. Crafted to decadent proportions our Rotundus freestanding bath is perfect for family bathrooms, spa baths or even as an outdoor hot tub beneath the stars.

“There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace.  You will find that deep place of silence in your room, your garden or your bathtub.”
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Available in a multitude of bespoke finish combinations our Rotundus Copper Bathtub can be styled to suit any interior design.

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Patina Rotundus Bath with Enamel Interior Tin Rotundus Bath with Enamel Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Copper Interior Patina Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Copper Interior Copper Rotundus Bath with Tin Interior

Rotundus Bath

1600mm x 1600mm
Weight 60kg
Capacity 530 Litres

Discover the Rotundus Bath, where elegance meets function in a round bath designed to elevate your bathing experience to new heights. William Holland’s dedication to unmatched design and craftsmanship shines brightly in this extraordinary model. Each Rotundus Bath is a testament to our 35 years of heritage in British Copper Bath design, hand-finished by our team of master craftsmen to ensure your bath is not just a piece of luxury, but a personal retreat.

Immerse yourself in the Rotundus Bath, and let its contemporary yet timeless design transform any bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation. Whether placed indoors as a striking focal point or outdoors for a romantic hot tub experience beneath the stars, this round bath tub’s versatility and beauty cater to every desire. The option to personalise your Rotundus with our extensive range of interior and exterior finishes means your bath will not only enhance your space but also reflect your unique style.

With the Rotundus Bath, you’re not just choosing a round bathtub; you’re embracing a lifestyle of relaxation, family moments, and endless luxury. Available in copper, patina, verdigris, tin, brass, nickel, charcoal, and enamel finishes, there’s a Rotundus to suit every vision of interior elegance.

Take the first step towards transforming your bathroom into a haven of extraordinary beauty and tranquillity. Add the Rotundus Bath to your selections today or reach out to the William Holland team for any inquiries. Your journey towards a more relaxing and stylish home begins with us.


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