Copper Bath Magic is Where the Wild things are.

Disconnect from the noise. Reconnect with the magic in a luxury Treehouse at Elmore Court.
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Copper Ice Baths, are you ready to take the plunge?

Copper Ice Baths and Cold Plunging is more popular than ever. But just how good is it, is the discomfort worth the gain and are Copper Baths great for taking the Cold Plunge?
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The Hot Tub Trend that is here to stay!

Forget the Hot Tub and Jacuzzi! There is a new star on the outdoor living scene set to make a splash! If you really want to upgrade your wellness game then the Hot Tub is out and Outdoor Baths are in.
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Create your Luxury Copper Bath… right here in Dorset!

Dramatic copper bath transformations are taking place! Mere yards from where you are sipping your champagne or coffee :) touring our showroom like an Aladdins cave of jewellery for your home
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It’s Copper Bath Sun Bathing Season… Are You Ready?

As the seasonal tides turn the time for Copper Bath Sun Bathing has arrived! So kick off the blankets of winter, step into the sunlight and embrace the great outdoors.
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Tin Bathtubs – Behold the rise of the #Tinfluencers!

Behold, the rise of the #tinfluencers! Tin bathtubs hold a nostalgic space in everyones hearts but Tin is also greatly underestimated in today's trends and is in fact one of the most amazing elemental materials we have.
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Pro’s and Cons of Copper Bathtubs. Get the Lowdown!

Ahhhh the dream copper bath… filling your feed with visions of luxurious bathing beauty. But what is the reality of owning a copper bath and what are the ultimate Copper Bathtub Pro’s and Cons? Let us give you the lowdown!
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Looking for Copper Baths and a Country Escape?

There’s nothing like the promise of a great Country escape to set our sights firmly on spring. Think, luxurious suites, copper baths, rolling grounds and views that span for days.
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Valentines Giveaway

What better way to share the love this Valentines Day! … We are offering you a chance to win one of our much loved, unique miniature copper baths and luxury bottle of Lanson Champagne.
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Want to buy a Copper Bath? Then you have to know this…

Ever heard of the ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy? When Considering buying a Copper Bath you have to know this...
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Slow Living is having a moment and we are here for it!

Slow Living is having a revival and Copper Baths are at the heart of it!
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Get into the festive spirit – Why taking a bath is the key to Christmas bliss

On those chilly winter nights, when the lists have been ticked and the gifts have been wrapped… make sure to indulge in a piping hot festive bath.
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Christmas Competition

A Bath the Sugar Plum Fairy would be proud of … this Christmas we are offering you a chance to win one of our much loved, unique miniature Copper Baths!
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Five Festive Retreats

We have rounded up 5 of our favourite festive destinations so you can celebrate this holiday season in pure escapist luxury…
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The Next Hot Thing for Winter Bliss

A truly irresistible way to enjoy the winter season, copper outdoor baths are the hottest thing on the Jacuzzi scene.
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The Big Day is Here!

Our Brand New Showroom is open and ready to welcome you to the largest collection of luxury Copper Baths in the world… So come on in and experience the magic for yourselves!
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Autumnal Escapes at Boringdon Hall

Nestled on the outskirts of Dartmoor in Devon, Boringdon Hall, meaning “enchanted place on the hill” packs an extraordinary ancestral punch.
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No Tricks Just Treats – Halloween Giveaway!

It's time for a Giveaway! But there's no tricks...It's all just treats for this Halloween Competition. To find out how you could win a miniature copper bath read the full blog post.
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