Copper Bathtub Pros and Cons

Ahhhh the dream copper bath… filling your feed with visions of luxurious bathing beauty. But what are the ultimate Pro’s and Cons of Copper Bathtubs? and what is the reality of owning a copper bath? Let us give you the lowdown!

Will my Copper Bath stay shiny?

Firstly, Copper Bathtubs are undeniably beautiful, adding gleaming, decadent brilliance to any bathroom interior design. But do they stay this way or are you signing up for hours of weekly polishing to maintain your bath?

The truth is, a RAW COPPER BATH will patinate extremely fast. They react with air and moisture to create a dark bronze tone. Wax WILL NOT protect your finish as it melts at a lower temperature than most bath water, polish will rinse off…. And no one wants to be bathing in a sea of wax and polish.

For more info on this read Will wax protect my Copper Bath?

However… all William Holland baths come protected with a clear, baked on hard wearing compound that completely seals the copper and prevents any patination from developing. Perfected throughout our 20 year history this unique technique means it takes no effort at all to maintain your Copper Bath. We have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. So in answer to the above… YES a William Holland Copper Bath will maintain its shine with no need for any elbow grease, waxing or polishing of any kind. You might like to read more on this with the following article

How do you seal a Copper Bath

Copper Bath Showroom

Won’t my Copper Bath get cold?

A common myth about the Pro’s and Cons of Copper Bathtubs is that they get cold and lose heat. But, this is simply not true! One of the biggest Pro’s of a Copper Bath is that they are excellent at retaining heat and maintaining the ambient water temperature. So much so that they even make amazing outdoor Hot Tubs without any need for an external heat source. Does that surprise you? To find out more about the heat retaining properties of Copper read our next article on Do Copper Baths retain heat?

Copper Bateau Bath

Surely my Copper Bath will be heavy?

Although they look like they should be heavy, and are so sturdy you would assume they are heavy, in fact our Copper Baths are really very light! On average they weigh no more than 45kg which is a definite Pro! They can be used literally anywhere, from listed buildings and delicate renovations to treehouses, you can even easily take your bath from house to house when you move. For more on this you might like to read Copper Baths take on the style Heaveyweights

Copper Bateau Bath

My Copper Bath is for health and wellness but I’ve heard you can’t use baths salts and oils?

A luxury bath that you can’t use bath salts and oils in? What would be the point of that! Well luckily with a William Holland Copper Bath this is not true. You absolutely can use bath salts and oils in your copper bath thanks to the protective coating that seals the copper. Just make sure you dissolve bath salts thoroughly before getting in and rinse the bath out well after use and you’re good to go.

For more information on this please read Can you use bath salts and bath oils in a Copper Bath?

So to sum up…

Pro: A William Holland Copper Bath comes protected as standard with a hard wearing clear coating that prevents patination and tarnish, meaning no special maintenance is required and your bath will stay shiny all by itself!

Pro: Copper Baths maintain the ambient water temperature, so whether Ice baths or long hot soaks are your thing, then a Copper Bath is the perfect companion.

Pro: Copper Baths are light weighing on average only 45kg.

Pro: As William Holland Copper Baths are protected, you can use bath salts and oils to your hearts content. Just make sure you rinse out well after use.

Con: Once you’ve tried a Copper Bath life will never be the same again. In fact a Copper Bath will no longer be seen as a luxury but a necessity for wellness. Thank goodness they are so light you can take them with you when you move!

Oh… and did we also mention they are environmentally friendly?… More on that to come…


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