Yes! Contrary to popular belief Copper baths warm up quickly and retain heat much more effectively than most alternative bath materials.

Copper and Brass are both exceptional conductors. As the tub fills with water the heat permeates through the bath to give a glorious all-over warmth, and in comparison with a cast iron bath the Copper or Brass will maintain the heat for much, much longer. Even after the water has been drained away our baths remain warm for an hour or so.

With these excellent thermal properties, William Holland Copper baths are extremely energy efficient and make exceptional indoor or outdoor bathtubs.

The Theory

Copper is an excellent conductor but a slow radiator. This means that although the copper will draw its initial warmth from the bath water, it takes very little energy to do so. With just a few inches of warm water in the base the entire bathtub will heat up to the ambient water temperature. Once warm the slow radiation of the material means that very little of this warmth is lost and instead is retained within the copper helping to keep your bath hotter for longer.

“Our William Holland Copper Bath stayed so wonderfully warm that we stayed in it for hours!” – Gillian Martin

We also get asked whether the copper bath can ever get too hot, and the answer to that is not at all! The Copper and Brass will only ever be as warm as the water poured into it, so rest assured your William Holland copper bath will never be too cold, or to hot, but simply and perfectly just right.

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