Considering buying a Copper Bath? Ever heard of the ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy?

Have you ever continued down a certain path or decision even when you know deep down it will cost you in the long run, with time, energy or money?

It’s a common phenomenon… but why do we do this? Often, when we have already become emotionally, cognitively or financially invested, we tend to become overly optimistic and will tell ourselves anything to justify instant gains over long term pains.

But how does this apply to copper baths?

Let us break it down…

Copper Baths are a specialist and niche product. All William Holland Copper Baths are protected with a bespoke, cured coating perfected throughout our 25 year history that prevents any patination or tarnish, making them extremely low maintenance.

But what if we didn’t and they were left uncoated? What in real time and financial terms would this cost…

Copper Bath Showroom

These are all costs that you never need to consider when you invest in a William Holland Copper Bath. Fully protected as standard with our bespoke protective coating they WILL NOT PATINA OR TARNISH meaning all that lovely time (and money) you would previously have spent polishing is now yours to just sit back and enjoy 🙂

Yes we have  a premium price point, but there is a very good reason for that 🙂

If you wish to read more on the Pro’s and Con’s of Copper Baths then you may want to read the following article here 



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