It’s the most magical time of the year, and what do we need to add that extra layer of sparkle? An equally magical escape!

We have rounded up 5 of our favourite festive destinations from cabins by crystalline lochs to wintery woodland dreams so you can celebrate this holiday season in pure escapist luxury…

The Queens Hut at Dunecht Estates

Escape to the ultimate picture perfect wonderland for an enchanted retreat full of charm and romance. The Queens Hut in Dunecht Estates rests on the secluded banks of an idyllic loch. Originally built for Queen Mary, wife of King George V, this magical log cabin was a private retreat where the queen could relax and enjoy tea with friends during their visits to Balmoral.

Somewhere between seclusion, simplicity and pure natural grandeur, there is more than just a hint of magic about this unique destination. Blending with ethereal perfection into the wild surroundings, the glinting waters of the loch, lilt and glimmer beyond every window. Exuding a refined highland aesthetic with rustic bark cladding and plenty of Scottish charm, home and nature work in perfect harmony to create an inviting, luxurious embrace.

As snow gently falls blanketing the world outside in a wonderland of crystalline beauty, guests can recline, immersed in the decadent warmth of the luxury bath as the sun sets over the loch.

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Guy Mallinsons The Woodsmans Treehouse

Meandering down a hidden boardwalk deep in the Dorset Woods you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen straight through the pages of Fairy tale. Since Alice fell down the rabbit hole and Tolkien transported us to the realms of Middle Earth, magical worlds have captivated imaginations. At The Woodsman’s Treehouse these mythical kingdoms come to life.

Built around a magnificent ancient oak tree, this extraordinarily special place holds all the glamourous joy of a woodland funfair. Accessed via the rope bridge as you step through a submarine inspired air lock door the process of leaving behind the realities of modern life and stepping into another world is complete.

The Treehouse is a ‘celebration of contemporary design meets traditional craftsmanship’ – Michelle Ogundehin (Elle Decoration) and as such every detail is handcrafted with extraordinary skill and attention to detail. With an emphasis on sustainable and natural materials, the log wall designed to encourage mosses and ferns to establish turns a magical silver grey within the environment, whilst the wood burning stove and gleaming handcrafted William Holland copper bath add both luxury and warmth to the stunning interior.

Full of surprises, if this wasn’t enough, a slide provides access to the forest floor beneath whilst a spiral staircase leads to a rooftop deck complete with magical rainfall shower, and decadent William Holland Rotundus Hot tub, so that guests can bathe beneath the stars as the snow gently falls, immersing themselves in this enchanting childhood fantasy come to life.

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Das Fort Boutique

Nestled between the Carpathian Mountains at the foot of Rasnov Hill, Das Fort Boutique is not merely a traveller’s escape, it’s a spectacular experience.

Dating back to the 17th and 18th Century, traditional Saxon houses have been rejuvenated and re-animated to give life to the historical imprints of the past. As you step foot onto the cobbled stone alley a sense of timelessness descends, inviting you into a world of contemplation and beauty.

‘It was from the beginning of our concept meetings that we chose the William Holland tub, which is not just a statement piece, but in our opinion, a work of art.’ – Das Fort Boutique

Creating an oasis where the past and present combine Das Fort Boutique celebrates artisan heritage with a modern twist in pure luxury led design.

Nowhere is the success of this style more evident than in the master suite where a handcrafted Copper bath rests beneath the skylight.  Created using traditional artisan techniques handed down through the generations, this sculptural work of art transports us to simpler times whilst enveloping guests in sumptuous luxury, whilst a winter wonderland awaits outside.

‘The star of the room is the William Holland bathtub, a wonderful piece in which you can let your worries and fatigue pass quietly.‘ –

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Holly Water Cabin (aurora pic)

The very embodiment of ‘Hygge’, everything about this extraordinary space at Holly Water Cabin invites you to slow down, relax and simply be….

Using, natural materials and the latest eco-build design, the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living is delightfully transient. Sliding back the floor to ceiling windows wildness blends with indoor luxury in one perfectly versatile space. Guests can recline on the sofa immersed  in the pristine views, enjoy a secluded coffee or cocktail from the treehouse deck, or sink into the outdoor copper bath, for twilight bathing and dark night stargazing.

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Middlton Lodge (snowy alvius clip)

Owned and run by James and Rebecca Allison, Middleton Lodge is a Georgian country estate set within 200 acres of private farmland overlooking the enigmatic North Yorkshire Moors.

A contemporary twist on farmhouse chic, the lovingly restored interiors showcase renewed original features alongside modern luxuries. Think, charming honey-stoned buildings, vaulted beamed ceilings and graceful Georgian windows filled with an eclectic mix of regency, contemporary and traditional style for a “modern take on a country estate.”

With such a glorious mix of sumptuous boutique accommodation, swathes of private grounds to explore by foot or complimentary bicycle, locally sourced and home grown fine dining and a warm outdoor copper bath to sink into as the winter nights draw in and the glittering stars appear, there really is no better place for a great Christmas country escape.

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So what are you waiting for! Indulge in a fine festive escape this year and make magical memories to last a lifetime.

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