It’s most definitely the most wonderful time of the year… but there is no doubt that all that frantic preparation, planning, social juggling and Christmas shopping sprees can leave us feeling a touch frazzled. This is why taking the time for a few moments of self-care and wellness can make all the difference when it comes to the big day. Our top tip… on those chilly winter nights, when the lists have been ticked and the gifts have been wrapped… make sure to indulge in a piping hot festive bath. It sounds so simple and it is… but the art of bathing has a wealth of science backed benefits to improve our health, wellbeing and mood.

Copper Baths reduce stress

When the festive stress levels begin to rise, retreating to the calm of a copper bath ritual can be a very powerful relaxation tool. The creation of a spa like environment through scented oils, candlelight, and adding a room filling fragrance all help to create a spa like serenity and a window of calm from the demands of the day.

 Found to positively impact the production of our ‘feel good’ chemical serotonin, researchers discovered that the “psychological benefits of bathing presented a real causal relationship.”

Proven to reduce stress, relieve feelings of fatigue and encourage a sense of wellbeing, relaxing as you watch the reflections of the copper bath dance in the light permits a moment of meditative bliss.

Copper Baths Soothe aches and pains

That Christmas tree harder to lift than it was last year, present sacks weighing down on your weary back?… Baths are an excellent way to ease those aches and pains and relieve muscle tension. Sinking into a long hot bath has been proven to provide relief from both full body tension and inflammation meaning you can literally soak your troubles away. Running the water to an optimum temperature of 40-45C for maximum benefits will soothe those weary bones, and as your copper bath maintains the heat you can indulge in a super long, super luxurious soak, revitalising you for the festive days ahead.

Copper Baths Enhance sleep  

Sleep is essential at this time of year for boosting our immune systems and making the most of the party season. No-one wants to be swapping champagne for lemsip! One of the best ways to ensure our immune systems are firing on all cylinders is through indulging in a little bit of self-care and sleep is definitely top of the list! But how do you get your 40 winks when there is so much to plan and prep and organise? You’ve guessed it… a pre-bed bath. Shown to help improve sleep quality, studies have scientifically proven that a nice hot bath an hour or two before bed not only helps you drift off faster, but supports a much deeper and more restorative quality of sleep. So if wellness on tap is what you seek, then start with the tub and bathe your way to a blissful nights rest.

Copper Baths Boost your health and wellbeing

A long hot bath may be your key to Christmas Bliss, but including a bath in your daily routine can help support and maintain good health long term. Thermotherapy by which you temporarily increase your body’s core temperature has several known health benefits to improve physical wellbeing. As already mentioned, not only do hot baths encourage better and deeper sleep and stimulate the immune system, but they also deeply cleanse the body by eliminating toxins, improves blood circulation, nutrient absorption and digestion. It can even slow body ageing!

So if taking a daily bath becomes your festive survival secret…it’s definitely a habit worth taking into the bright lights of 2024!

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