Dramatic, luxury copper bath transformations are taking place! Mere yards from where you are sipping your champagne, or coffee 🙂 touring our showroom like an Aladdins cave of jewellery for your home, our Master Craftsmen are busy creating works of functional art ready to go to their dream destinations  all around the world.

As you already know… every William Holland Copper Bath is hand finished bespoke to order by our magnificent team of artisans, but what you may not know is this magic all takes place just a stone’s throw away from our foyer. Turn left into our showroom and you are presented with the largest collection of Copper Baths in the world, turn right… and you enter an intriguing world of artistry and creation.

William Holland Copper Baths are the product of a unique combination of a

ncient artisan techniques and modern innovation, finely tuned and honed to perfection throughout our 25 year history placing us at the forefront of Luxury Copper Bath design. As you explore our extensive showroom  and learn about the unique history and properties of these decadent bathtubs, our Craftsmen are hard at work creating bespoke works of bathing beauty, literally just across the courtyard. It doesn’t get more local than that 🙂

From welding, tinning and enamelling to creating bespoke colours, sizes and finishes, there is very little our craftsmen can’t create. If you can dream it… chances are… we can make it. When you explore our display of exclusive styles and designs, not only will you recognise some of our world famous creations from iconic venues, but you will also experience a selection of the finishes and aesthetics our team can create. However, when you consider the kaleidoscope of enamels, paint colours, metals and finishing techniques at our fingertips, you will soon realise that the finishing choices are literally without limit. This is where your bathroom dream becomes reality… so be sure to dream big 😉

To learn more about our artisan processes you will want to read this article here.

Using state of the art technology within our creative spaces, we invest in our craftsmen to keep the traditional arts alive. Perfecting age-old techniques with the luxury of technological advancement, we protect artisan skills by bringing them firmly into the future.

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We ensure that the expertise of our craftsmen, handed down through the generations and refined through decades of diligent execution continues with the next generation of William Holland creatives. Our senior artisans mentor our apprentices to inherit an intrinsic respect for traditional craft and an innovative approach to creation.

Our craftsmen are the world’s leading experts in their field. This is why when you invest in a William Holland Luxury Copper Bath the relationship doesn’t end there. Luxury Copper Baths are structurally designed to last a lifetime, they are an investment piece made for longevity comfort and beauty. However, should you wish to update the finish on your bath many years down the line, refresh your look for a new style palette or even if your beloved Copper Bath simply needs a bit of TLC, then our team of experts are always on hand to help.

So now you know… the secret is out of the bag! Our British Master Craftsmen create your dream bath so close to where you will tour our showroom that if you listened closely enough you could hear the hum of creativity as your bath is brought to life.

Copper Bath Showroom
William Holland Copper Baths Showroom

When you visit we would love to be able to show you around the workshops but sadly the Health and Safety elves won’t allow us. Our craftsmen don’t venture far from their workshop habitat, they’re a bit shy like that, but if you’re very lucky and very quiet, you may catch a glimpse of our world renowned artisans going about their mysterious, magical creative day 😉

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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