Forget the Hot Tub and Jacuzzi! There is a new star on the outdoor living scene set to make a splash!

If you really want to upgrade your wellness game then the Hot Tub is out and Outdoor Baths are in.

The Romans definitely got it right with their passion for alfresco bathing, and though communal bathing faded away with the empire, outdoor baths and Copper Tubs, especially those with serene countryside views have definitely made a comeback.

Outdoor Baths have been replacing the Hot Tub in popularity over the last few years with no sign of stopping. In fact 30% of Boutique luxury holiday lets now offer outdoor bathing experiences to their clients for back to nature vibes and luxurious outdoor bliss.


Why do you need an Outdoor Bath?

Bathing outside is so much more than just a whimsical wellness trend. Yes it can calm you down after a long day in the office, but the effects go so much deeper. Scientifically proven to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and soothe aches and pains, the physical benefits of a regular bath ritual are already well known, but what about the wellness effect on Mental Health? Baths have been shown to positively impact production of our ‘Feel Good’ chemical serotonin, natures anti-depressant. Combine that with the well known positive effect of being immersed in nature and you have the perfect double-win. Proven to reduce stress, relieve feelings of fatigue and encourage a sense of wellbeing, relaxing as you watch the sunrise, sunset or illuminated starry night is a moment to treasure.

Why choose an Outdoor Bath over a Hot Tub?

The humble Hot Tub is notorious to maintain. Requiring regular comprehensive cleaning, chemicals and a constant heat supply, once installed they can often be costly to run, costly to maintain, and the use of chemicals and non-sustainable materials make them less than Green in today’s eco-conscious world.

Turn to the Outdoor Bath, specifically a Copper Bath and the whole game changes. Outdoor Copper Baths are made from sustainably sourced copper, are fully recyclable (not that you would ever want or need to) and require no external heat source to maintain their warmth for a long luxurious soak. Copper is naturally non-corrosive so will not rust or deteriorate, in fact they simply get more beautiful with age and require no special maintenance. And the absolute best part? They require absolutely no chemicals whatsoever. Better for your health and the environment, once you are done using your outdoor bath, simply empty the tub into a soakaway and recycle the water to tend your garden.

Why are Copper Baths the best for outdoor use?

Copper is not only beautiful, but extremely resilient, will not rust or corrode, ages beautifully in tune with nature and is extremely heat retaining, so much so that your bath will remain warm long after you are wrapped snug in a towel. With finishes available from raw copper that will naturally age, Patina, Verdigris or an Artisan Tin, (To find out more about the finishes read this article) all of which class as ‘living finishes’, a  Copper Outdoor bath blends perfectly with nature, is extremely low maintenance, and adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor bathing experience. To know more about the suitability of Copper Baths for outdoor use read this article Here.

There is no space more private then the bathroom, so to take the bathtub outside to immerse your-self in nature has a liberating effect with a touch of wildness and carefree abandon. Pushing the boundaries of living space and design, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living holds an immense sense of freedom that we all desperately need.

So this year take your high –end outdoor living to next level and dive into the world of outdoor baths, your Hot Tub will forgive you we promise 😉

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