Copper Ice Baths and Cold Plunging is more popular than ever. People have been harnessing the power of ice since 3500BC but lately it has been experiencing a resurgence with wellness practitioners hailing the transformative effects of this ancient practice.

But just how good is it, is the discomfort worth the gain and are Copper Baths great for taking the Cold Plunge?

Let’s break it down…

What are the benefits of ice baths?

Well, it turns out that Hippocrates, the father of Medicine none the less, was very much in favour of cold for medicinal purposes and many credit him as the major influence behind the origins of cryotherapy. So with this in mind it is nothing new that cold immersion is good for our health, but what exactly does it do…

Well firstly… ice baths decrease inflammation. Used for decades by athletes to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain, it is well known to assist in the recovery from physical exertion. What wasn’t as well known until recently (enter Wim Hof 🙂 was the benefits that a cold plunge can have on your well being, resilience and immune system.

With many claiming it has an almost meditative effect, regular practitioners have found cold water immersion can give you more energy, help you sleep better, increase focus and even has the ability to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and with such an accessible practice why wouldn’t you give it a go!

Is the discomfort of an ice bath worth the gain?

In the short term it is possible for cold plunges to increase levels of dopamine and endorphins, which can contribute to a feeling of euphoria right after cold immersion. There is no doubt that part of the process is mastering the initial discomfort, but many claim that is a big part in building mental resilience and discovering your inner peace and calm, with the dopamine charge, increased energy and mental health boost all worth the few minutes of toe chilling experience!

Do Copper Baths make good Ice Baths?

Absolutely! For the same reason Copper baths make great alternative Hot Tubs, they also make great ice plunges. This is because Copper is excellent at maintaining the ambient water temperature. They are also corrosion resistant so are perfect for outdoor use, and lend a touch of sculptural beauty to your outdoor bathing or ice bath ritual. To read more about why Copper Bath are Great for Outdoor Use, you may wish to read this article Here.

And… once you are done with your ice plunge…. You can always refill your Copper Bath with toasty Hot Water and relax in pure bliss as your reward 🙂 To read more about Copper Baths as Hot Tubs you may like to read this article Here.

For more examples of our Outdoor Copper Baths be sure to check out our Instagram  and TikTok Galleries.

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