Copper Bath Sun Bathing has arrived as the seasonal tides turn! So kick off the blankets of winter, step into the sunlight and embrace the great outdoors.

Woman bathing in an William Holland Outdoor Copper Bath

With multiple physical and mental health benefits to bathing outdoors, the alfresco Copper Bath has become a nature connecting wellness trend that is here to stay. If you wish to know more about the health benefits you may wish to read this article here.

Nestled amongst 120 acres of glorious Surrey woodland, Pennyhill Park is a luxurious spa and hotel retreat that has taken outdoor bathing to the next level. Featuring private Mediterranean style cabanas, each with a luxurious natural Copper Bath, guests can bathe beneath the sunshine, sunset or starlight all to suit their emotional needs.

Outdoor Copper Bath

Designed like a luxury hotel room transported to the great outdoors, indoor luxury is combined with outdoor bliss to create the perfect setting to relax in style.

“Our cabanas give guests the opportunity to indulge in the best, feel at their best, and relax in style.  Each cabana provides the perfect indulgent haven, with extended decking, sun loungers, built-in fridge, coffee machine and storage, and of course the centre piece of the stunning over-sized copper bath tubs by William Holland with integrated spa jets for the ultimate outdoor bathing experience.” – Penny Hill Park

Each outdoor Copper Bath is handmade using ancient artisan techniques handed down through the generations and crafted using the finest natural materials. Fitted with spa jets, clients get the full private spa bath experience with a totally holistic, natural vibe. If you wish to know more about outdoor Spa Baths you may wish to read this article on Why Copper Baths are the new Hot Tubs.

Named after different herbs: Bergamot, Lemon Thyme, Peppermint and Sorrel, each cabana is planted with the herb of its namesake so the sweet aroma fills the air whilst you immerse yourself in this unique wellness experience. The herbs are also used to craft signature infused waters, tisanes and cocktails to refresh and revive the senses while you bathe.

Copper is the perfect material to create these outdoor bathing experiences. 100% natural, completely chemical free, temperature maintaining and corrosion resistant, these beautiful handmade baths simply get more beautiful with age, evolving in tune with the environment. If you want to know more about the suitable finishes for outdoor Copper Baths you might want to read this article on the Outdoor Finishes explained

Outdoor Copper Bath

As well as the beautiful Copper Bath Cabanas, Pennyhill Park allows you to experience a range of pools and jacuzzis both indoors and outdoors, an extensive range of thermal cabins of differing temperatures, humidities and aromas, along with experience showers, relaxations rooms and their incredible spa treatments. Their expert resident therapists tailor your treatments depending on your physical and emotional needs on the day, to create a restorative experience just for you.

Outdoor Copper Bath

Offering the ultimate reset button, this five star intimate retreat is organic, natural and focused on holistic healing from the inside out. Offering hyperlocal seasonal menus and first class food experiences, a fine dining Michelin Starred restaurant in the most historic and charming part of Pennyhill Park House, the food is refined creativity that will fill your soul.

So if you are looking for a five star retreat that will rejuvenate the spirit and refresh the soul, if you are searching for some outdoor Copper Bath bathing bliss, combined with food that will fill you with wellness, then Pennyhill Park Spa is the place to go.

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