A truly irresistible way to enjoy the winter season, copper outdoor baths are the hottest thing on the Jacuzzi scene.

There is absolutely no doubt that hot tubs bring a touch of magic to winter outdoor living. Slow steam rising in the crisp morning air, or swirling into a crystalline night sky. But it’s not all about pure indulgence. Winter is by far the best time of year to immerse yourself in the world of outdoor bathing for both your health and wellbeing.

Immersing yourself in a gloriously hot bath we know to be one of the greatest simple pleasures in life. It’s also an amazing way to supercharge your immune system and boost your circulation, but combine hot & cold water therapy together and true magic happens.

Here’s our top reasons to make Hot Tubbing part of your wellness winter routine…

Relaxation and revitalisation all in one glorious experience.

As much as hot water is great for health and wellness when combined with intermittent cold temperatures the benefits are amplified. Both Hot and Cold therapies boost mood-enhancing endorphins in our bodies and whilst heat and warmth increase blood flow carrying nutrients around the body and creating feelings of deep relaxation, the cold air reduces inflammation and both boost the immune system and improve circulation to supercharge your bodies for the season ahead.


Hot water and cold air are a literal match made in heaven

Hot tubs in the summer are a fun affair, but in the winter they make you feel truly alive!

Yes we are all for a long lazy soak as the sun goes down in a blaze of glory on a long summers day, and as much as this is a total holiday vibe, winter is where the real magic lies.

We may not achieve Scandinavian temperatures, but the contrast between the chill night air and a toasty hot Jacuzzi bath during the winter UK months is more than enough to get the senses tingling.

Whilst the world around you freezes in a glittering array of beauty, being enveloped in a steamy, warm glow beneath a blanket of twinkling stars is an unforgettable experience.

Reconnecting with the Outdoors

Naturally the winter months bring even the best of us into full hibernation mode, spending as little time as possible outdoors and hiding away until spring. However a copper hot tub provides the perfect environment to reconnect with the natural world and enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. After all, what could be more magical than enjoying an outdoor copper Jacuzzi surrounded by a blanket of snow beneath a glittering night sky.

Eases aches and pains

Those little niggles and aches that fade into the background when the sun is shining but seem to come back with a vengeance as soon as the clocks go back? Those are what copper hot tubs were made for! Ambient heat of 40C, gentle spa jets and the luxury of your copper spa bath and those aches and pains will soon be soothed away.

Adds an extra dimension to social occasions

Options are limited when it comes to winter events. Generally restricted to indoor gatherings, embracing the sociality of a boutique spa from the comfort of your own back garden creates a memorable occasion for winter. Our Alvius or Rotundus Copper Spa Baths are all suitable for social gatherings, so bring out the mulled wine, sink into the warmth and embrace the great outdoors.



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