Are Copper Baths Safe?

William Holland Copper Baths are completely safe. Hand crafted from 99.99% pure natural copper, this material is both antimicrobial and anti-bacterial in its natural, raw state. A favourite with Spa’s, Eco-Lodges and Health Retreats, our copper baths are world renowned for their natural beauty and unrivalled quality.

Should you wish your bathtub to maintain its mirror shine finish, we protect our copper and brass baths with a hard wearing bespoke coating which prevents tarnish and maintains their gleaming aesthetic.

Crafted using only the highest grade pure materials, William Holland Copper Baths are a completely safe, sustainable and truly luxurious bathtub.

We also get asked from time to time whether the copper bath can ever get too hot, and the answer to that is not at all! The Copper and Brass will only ever be as warm as the water poured into it, so rest assured your William Holland copper bath will never be too cold, or to hot, but simply and perfectly just right.

*** Please note: The information above applies to William Holland Copper Baths only. Lower quality bathtubs have been found to contain unsafe levels of mercury and lead. Please ensure you source your copper bathtub from a reputable supplier with a proven company heritage and product warranty ***


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