You can absolutely use a copper bath outdoors! As a naturally heat retaining, corrosion resistant metal copper is the perfect natural material to create a serene bathing space in your garden Featuring in many outdoor settings from Babington House to the Tawny Hotel, our Copper Baths are renowned for maintaining an ambient warmth and providing a long luxurious soak. Here are the key reasons why…

Copper baths are heat retaining

Made from single skinned pure copper, the conductive properties of this amazing material means the copper heats up almost instantly to the ambient water temperature requiring very little energy to do so. The result?… a bath that stays warm long after you’re wrapped in a towel, even outdoors.

Copper Baths are Corrosion Resistant

Copper is a naturally corrosion resistant material making it perfect for outdoor use. Whereas most outdoor baths and hot tubs would deteriorate over time outside, copper simply weathers in tune with the environment and simply gets more beautiful with age.

Copper Baths are Chemical Free

Our Copper baths are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to the hot tub. Used as a normal bathtub, there is no need to use any of the harsh chemicals that a standard hot tub requires. This means that not only are they better for your health, but after use, you can simply empty the tub and use the water to feed the garden and make your oasis bloom.

Copper Baths are Sustainable

With its’ 100% recycleability without loss of purity, superior thermal qualities and abundance, copper is a truly sustainable green material.

Copper Baths are Low Maintenance

A lot of clients ask us if copper baths are low maintenance for outdoor use, and the answer is wholeheartedly yes! Having perfected the art of ageing gracefully, the natural oxidation process of copper, renowned for creating the stunning lustre of a rich patina, or the vibrancy of Verdigris, simply deepens and evolves over time in tune with the environment to create a beautiful work of organic art. Alternatively the properties of the pure copper bath can be combined with the stunning rustic luxury of an artisan tin finish that organically blends over time to create a deep pewter tone. Whichever finish you choose, your outdoor copper bath is designed to be extremely low maintenance, so all you have do is relax and enjoy.

Copper Baths are at One with Nature

As a natural material, copper is the perfect blend of nature and beauty to lend a practical, durable, sculptural feature to your spa garden design. Blending in to natural surroundings with a harmonious perfection, your copper bath will be as one with the great outdoors.

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