Curating a more conscious relaxed pace of existence is filling our news feeds this January. From meditations, good coffee, great books and trips to the spa baths, there is a plethora of top tips bombarding the internet which ironically feels more … chaotic than serene…

But how do you embrace slow living, what exactly is it, and how can you infuse your life with a touch of space, calm and simplicity?

Firstly, consider slow living at home as a lifestyle not a trend. It is about how your home makes you ‘feel’, not about creating an ‘Instagram worthy’ look. Although let’s not fib… if we can get the Instagram worthy look as well then that’s a bonus 😉 But… If slow living is about reducing the stress of our day to day lives, then comfort, calm and joy should be the top deciding factors on any home décor decision.

Bathroom design is a great way to start. For many they are the only private space in the home. A chance to retreat and rejuvenate, to escape from the busyness of the everyday and regain a sense of balance.

But how do you create this sense of sanctuary within the home? Well… Bringing the outdoors in is key. Consider nature inspired elements through raw materials such as copper baths and wood floors or natural stone. With their intrinsic warmth they infuse interiors with a cosy glow and simple aesthetic, bringing nature into home décor with a raw yet luxurious touch. The reflective properties of Copper, especially in the form of baths and basins cause the light to dance under running water with a meditative effect, and their heat retaining properties mean you can enjoy a long luxurious soak.

The benefits to health and wellbeing from a nice hot bath are well documented, helping to reduce aches and pains, inflammation and even aid in a good night’s restorative sleep. So, incorporating a luxurious bath into your daily wellness routine is an easy step to take.

The second step is to embrace all the senses. Consider scented oils to encourage mindfulness and transport you to a tropical oasis, soft candlelight, gentle music and sink into a world of tranquillity. All of our Copper Baths are protected with a hard wearing coating which means not only do they not tarnish or patina, but you can also use which ever oils and scents your heart desires without fear of marking the beautiful copper.

Earthy palettes, natural materials and cosy warm interiors that bring the outside in are all great ways to bring slow living into the home, but what if you took the indoors outdoors instead?

Whether it’s a hot tub or an ice bath, bathing amongst nature has grown in popularity and has become a great way to embrace slow living. Perfectly summed up by the Dutch as ‘Niksen’ or ‘The art of doing nothing,’  Outdoor Baths are a great and inexpensive way to embrace the moment, practice mindfulness and immerse yourself in nature.

Copper Baths are particularly suited to outdoor use. Having perfected the art of ageing gracefully, they do not corrode, retain the heat and provide a natural tranquil space in which to switch off from the hustle and bustle. With no need for chemicals, these low maintenance, sustainable alternatives to the classic hot tub provide a practical, beautiful and earth inspired element of luxury to outdoor living.

Remember, relaxation does not have to simply be a reward for a busy day. It is an essential and valuable part of existence all in its own right.

You deserve that moment in time, a small part of your day to just relax, unwind and let time slip by, undemanding, unconflicted… perfectly at peace.

So step out of the fast lane, even if just for an hour, slow down and savour the moment… there’s no rush…



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