With their glamorous day jobs in the fashion industry, make-up artist Lisa Valencia, and her fashion photographer husband John Rowley opt for relaxed living and laid back style in their 1930’s family home.

Rescued from a horror of 1970’s kitsch, gone is the avocado bathroom suite, dark galley kitchen and isolated living spaces, replaced instead with playful, light and airy interiors, full of character and personal touches.

Preferring eclectic objects full of interest and intrigue, antique gems nestle side by side with curious artefacts, flea market finds contrast touches of Hollywood glamour and luxury statement pieces draw and catch the eye.

Constantly seeking out unique and unusual items, their eclectic style is anything but predictable. A pair of reclaimed Victorian pub doors found at Sunbury Antiques Market mark the entrance to the cosy snug creating a nostalgic and emotive doorway between the formal and informal. The stunning kitchen island, once a workbench in a spitfire factory has been transformed with a little TLC a hint of whitewash and a smooth glass finish to create a rustic-luxe centrepiece full of narrative, and everywhere you look there is a new curio to draw and delight the eye.

The mix of vintage, eccentricity and classic design creates a vibrant, homely and vivacious interior that is both glamorous and gloriously lived in, and the bathroom is no exception. With soft grey polished plaster walls creating a gentle industrial luxe look, stunning patterned floor tiles in muted ochre and blues, the William Holland copper bath creates a gleaming centrepiece. Handcrafted from pure copper with a rustic artisan tin interior, the handmade quality of the bathtub adds a sense of laid back luxury. Combined with minimalist wall cabinets, a quirky faux cactus and nautical wall lights, the result is a gloriously eclectic suite, full of personality, charm and relaxed luxury.

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