The restrictions on space in today’s property market, combined with an increased desire for large bathrooms, airy spaces and free flowing movement throughout interiors, has heralded a revival in the trend for open plan living, with a surprising extra twist. As walls come down, boundaries pushed back and the lines between rooms and function are blurred, so too does the purpose and aesthetic value of various essential interior features.

No longer tucked away out of sight, large utilitarian pieces now demand artistry in what was previously a purely functional existence. As key household pieces increase in visibility and take centre stage, so does their need for aesthetic and stylistic beauty. Open plan living has brought the bath back into the bedroom and the craftsmanship this has inspired has taken baths into the realm of luxury design. In fact, baths are now such a work of artistry that, no longer restricted to the bathroom, the trend for the Bateau to be the key bedroom feature is making a comeback!

Sculptural items of beauty within their own right, baths are raised on plinths, sumptuously framed in alcoves or underlit at the foot of the bed for the ultimate indulgence, epitomising liberation, comfort and the unconfined sanctuary we should all feel within our own home.

Copper and brass are currently the stylistic kings of this trend. Timeless and elegant, pure copper and brass baths are an investment piece that will last a lifetime. An item of luxury, the quality, blissful comfort crafted through intelligent ergonomic design, stunning finishes and gently curving lines all combine in one perfect piece of utilitarian elegance.

With their versatility of finish from burnished soft patina’s to a gleaming, vibrant polish, they complement a broad range of interiors from country chic to contemporary, traditional or bohemian all the way through to industrial luxe.

Baths, historically tucked away in the smallest room of the house, were once all about privacy and functionality. Now, they are the centre of relaxation at the heart of the home, a temporary utopia free from the frantic, intense schedules of modern life and are consequently more about indulgence and escapism than mere routine and necessity. Embraced by Boutique hotels, the undeniable elements of romance, decadence and hints of the high life surrounding the trend for baths in bedrooms, has now filtered through into private residences, where the demand for a spa infused, boutique experience is simply too hard to resist!

Image © Crazy Bear

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