In the glorious mountains of Val d’Isere lies a secret idyll, the kind of hidden gem retreat most can only dream of. Chalet Le Soleil Levant epitomises the utopian ideal of mountain living, where the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of the pristine natural surroundings have been seamlessly reflected in the buildings entire ethos. The creation of interior design firm Custom, William Holland were sourced by the team to provide three key statement copper baths as anchor pieces for the industrial minimalist styling, staying true to the buildings original heritage whilst adding an element of luxury.

The basin and freestanding baths by William Holland supports our design of an industrial looking, luxury ski chalet perfectly

In keeping with the projects industrial theme, lintels and structural walls were plastered utilising a concrete finish, contrasting with smooth walls and ceilings using a neutral off-white mineral based paint. All the woodwork, from the furniture through to the skirting was created using reclaimed scaffolding boards, and the floors are recycled oak with remnants of the original paint retained, creating a space with a sense of story and identity. Materials were meticulously selected for their sustainability and procured wherever possible from recycled sources. As William Holland Copper Baths are create using 78% reclaimed copper, the baths complimented both the aesthetic and ideological facets of the design.

The Chalet has a cosy and luxurious feel created through exclusive features such as ‘the stunning freestanding Verdigris copper bateau

The freestanding copper baths and basins selected for this project were crafted using pure copper in a variety of finishes, as the perfect fit for the industrial yet luxurious focus of the brief. The brighter hues of the Cuprosa Bateau with Nickel interior add warmth and a hint of decadence to the neutral clean white base of the ensuite, whilst the Verdigris and Argenta Bateau baths compliment the subtle, fresh palette of the two main bedrooms, creating an ambience be-fitting the peaceful, natural calm of the surroundings.

The Chalet has been transformed into a stylish, contemporary environment that literally breathes space and calm. From the delicate colours, akin to a cool mountain breeze, through to the wild rawness of materials, there is not one element of this stunning renovation that does not evoke the heart of mountain living.

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