William Holland Copper Kitchen sinks do not stain. Crafted from pure raw copper and available in either a patina or brushed copper finish, both options oxidise over time to create a stunning burnished bronze tone. With exposure to moisture, and through daily use this beautiful hue deepens in tone and richness, gracefully ageing to produce a raw and natural beauty.

In contrast, as standard we protect our Copper baths and Copper Bathroom basins with a baked on coating to prevent this patina developing as most of our clients wish their baths to retain their gleaming shine. However we leave our copper kitchen sinks uncoated to naturally develop this patina for two very important reasons.

Firstly, raw uncoated copper is self-sanitising. An inherently anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal surface, on contact, copper has the ability to rapidly destroy a wide range of bacteria and microbes that can last for several days on most other surfaces. Scientifically proven to effectively diminish contact contamination, raw copper is the perfect material for items such as kitchen sinks where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Secondly, raw copper is self-healing. This means, should you accidentally mark the kitchen sink, the natural oxidation processes will restore the finish to its former glory all by itself. The constant evolution of the naturally occurring patina, means any mark will simply oxidise over time to blend in with the rest of the sink and eventually disappear.

This remarkable material not only creates an effective and hygienic surface but a work of functional artistry that simply gets better and more beautiful with age.

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