This 19th Century Gothic Church has been hailed “the most prestigious and ground-breaking development ever built South of the Thames”. The architectural icon now consists of four magnificent palatial apartments full of surprise that fully embrace the extraordinary.

Interior Designer and Historic Building specialist Sarah Reed played on the buildings heritage and idiosyncrasies to create a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture and modernity. The spire now holds a five-metre long, hand-blown glass chandelier in place of the bell, wall to wall fake bookcases seclude a 600 square foot master ensuite, and in one apartment a wine cellar emerges as if by magic.

Amidst this oasis, stand two glimmering William Holland Aequs baths. The purity of the white enamel interiors compliment the tranquillity of the design, whilst the high polish nickel exterior reflecting the prismatic light from the stain glass windows plays across the room in a luminescent dance.

Everywhere you look there is a new discovery to delight the eye. Ethereal vaulted ceilings and soaring arches create a transcendental feeling of space; rose windows, original stonework and ornate plasterwork intrigue with their intricate detail, whilst secret doors and hidden rooms add a mystique and sense of the playful yet luxurious Victorian folly. These clandestine spaces and original details maintain the essence of the buildings heritage, preserving the tranquillity and wonder of the space within a luxuriously elegant and contemporary design.

The Sanctuary at Battersea is the height of indulgence. With meticulous attention to detail and effortless elegance, Sarah Reed has managed to create an inspiring interior with a truly immersive and ‘overarching sense of awe.’

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