What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, a soothing, calming influence on the mind
Henri Matisse

The elusive beauty of verdigris has long since captured the imaginations of artists and artisans since antiquity. Derived from the French ‘vert de Grece’ which literally translates to the ‘green of Greece’ verdigris was prized for its rare luminescence and vibrant aqua tones. Used by the great masters from Vermeer to Botticelli the mesmerizing and ethereal blue-green shades created through years of natural organic process were both elusive and rare. Now with the wonder of modern innovation, the fragile beauty of this unique living finish can be harnessed to create instant history, nostalgia and narrative in one pure piece of living colour.

Of all the colours, blue and green have the greatest emotional range
William H Gass

Green, symbolising the tranquility of nature has long been associated with balance and harmony. Imbued with an air of age and heritage, the fusion of emotive vibrancy, nature inspired design and classicism contained within verdigris is undergoing a modern revival.

Interiors have moved towards an honest understated opulence celebrating the perfect imperfections of a handmade product made with passion and skilled craftsmanship. It is a movement that allows objects and spaces to develop their own narrative, embracing the warmth that evolves from environments that are lived in and luxurious with a tale or two to tell.

Combining the trend for raw natural materials and pared back design, ageing and weathered finishes display an authenticity increasingly appealing in todays’ interior trends where natural beauty and relaxed luxury are the foundation for Modern Rustic Design. An organic ‘Living Finish’ continually evolving over time in tune with the environment, the Verdigris Bateau is a functional work of living art deeply rooted within nature that has truly mastered the art of ageing gracefully.

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