As the winter draws out its last chilly days, the frosty grayscale lands make us dream of warmer climes and a verdant world in bloom. Balmy sunshine… vibrant skies… spring drifting in on a morning breeze as you laze in your glorious roll top copper bath, patio doors flung wide…

While we dream of this little slice of utopia, still wrapped in our eighteen layers of thermals, somewhat akin to the leftover Christmas turkey in the fridge, Charelle and Dan are living this idyllic scene.

Situated on the second floor of their beach house in Australia, surrounded by lush foliage, their bathroom opens directly onto a balcony allowing the fresh summer world to bathe their home in the scents of summer as they luxuriate in their William Holland copper bateau.

Living way off the beaten track, procurement and delivery was always going to be a logistical challenge, and so, once William Holland baths were discovered, they decided that whether it was the other side of the country or the other side of the world, getting the right product for the right design was the ultimate deciding factor, and so William Holland went to Oz!

Their priority was to bring the concept of the outdoors into their beach house wherever possible, reflecting the glorious location in the heart of their home. Achieved through careful material selection, primarily Australian hardwood, which they had lovingly sourced and handcrafted into bespoke wood panelling and vanity units, the next challenge was to find bathware that complimented this natural look and feel, and copper was the perfect choice.

Originally looking to source a sink for the vanity, Charelle was ‘thrilled to see that the William Holland range extended beyond sinks to bath tubs and copper fixtures. With this discovery we were able to complement the rest of our bathroom design concept using the copper and wood theme. With that agreed upon, we also solved the pending renovation project question, to add a tub or not. We obviously couldn’t resist the purchase of a copper bath!’

The William Holland Copper Bateau is Centrally placed in the room, allowing views out over the glorious grounds, with the hand beaten copper providing a rustic, yet elegant finish, and complimenting the natural warmth of the hardwood design. We are thrilled that Charelle and Dan were so delighted with the end result.

The room has a little luxury, however not too much, balancing our love for all things natural in a simple yet practical style
Charelle & Dan

*Wood handcrafted and designed by

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