interiors should be as unique as one’s DNA, with each detail reflecting an individual’s inner character
Rebecca James

Former ballet dancer, fashion model and now award winning interior designer and founder of Interior Desires, Rebecca James liberates a West London home from suffocating decadence, to simple industrial, traditional luxe.

Untouched for 40 years, this residence in Fulham was drowning in décor, stifling the buildings inherent character, and any sense of space and calm. Stripped back, the rooms generous proportions became apparent, permitting the reintroduction of original features such as the statement fireplace and decorative plasterwork, re-igniting the buildings narrative. Vertical and horizontal linear focal points helped to disguise the interiors lack of structural symmetry with the bold features creating a natural lure for the eye, along with an intelligent choice of materials.

Bronze, Copper and natural stone, harmonise to present an interior that is both masculine yet soft, delicate lighting and an open fire adds warmth and cosiness, whilst the simplicity of the lines and key features are effortlessly chic.

The bronze shower enclosure inspired by the Traditional British telephone box is the perfect bedfellow for the William Holland Bateau bath, which takes pride of place in front of the fire. Mood lights set into the floor combine with the firelight to create a gentle gleam from the Copper Patina of the Bateau reflecting around the room with a glowing ambience. Originally Rebecca chose the vibrant polished copper bath, but ultimately opted for the patina finish that complimented the softer tones of the other burnished metals and stone hues.

The result is a striking yet cosy interior, embracing the industrial, the traditional and the quintessentially British without a single hint of chintz but an abundance of class and heritage.

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