Typically a season of excess, winter 2016 has seen a dramatic and heartening shift towards the simpler more soulful pleasures in life. Beautifully embodied by the Scandinavian art of ‘Hygge’ everything from fashion, to interiors has become infused with a peaceful warmth, designed to embrace, connect and reflect.

A quintessential Danish philosophy, there is something intrinsically British about the nostalgic longing for simpler times. Open fires, flickering candlelight and the gentle hum of easy conversation, conjuring an immersion in safety, solace and contentment. This is the style of the season.

Folk inspired and informal, ‘Hygge’ is a rejection of ostentation, status and all things political or commercial, it is a return to the simple core values of the heart; family, solidarity, kindness and connection. Unsurprising, as the outside world becomes ever more tumultuous that culture should embrace the sanctuary of the home, retreating into a self-created oasis of peace and calm.

Fundamental to this emotive style is natural, warm and raw materials. Think faux fur throws, reclaimed wood floors, wood burning stoves, and gleaming copper. Think candlelit baths, the scent of pine, cinnamon, and nutmeg, infusing homes with all the tranquillity and cosiness of nature.

Winter 2016 is all about embracing the moment, enjoying the simplicity of the everyday, and finding the beauty in the small pleasures of life.

The Danes top the bill as the happiest people on earth…so go on…settle in…get cosy… and live a little Danishly!

Imagery: Willow House, The Scarlet Hotel and The Hotel Guarda Val

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