It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it
John Burroughs

As the long nights draw in and the warm umber tones of autumn depart, instinct makes us reach for the nostalgic warmth of reds and greens, rich fabrics and russet hues. But rather than fight the changing of the seasons, why not embrace the winter palette, with all its shimmering facets and crystalline beauty.

Instead of cocooning ourselves away in a snug array of warm, dark shades like hibernating design bears, shrug off the gloom by embracing the light, and letting the vibrancy of a winter landscape immerse your home.

Using shades of white and silver is a contemporary look that fuses together the very essence of winter
Andrea Morgan

Scandinavian design relies on light, neutral palettes to combat the long winter nights and banish the darkness outside, a trend which is set to gain global pace over the coming year. Consider an entire spectrum of whites, silvers and delicate fawn greys, highlighted by metallic shots or key features.

These delicate palettes maximise the soft winter light, illuminating interiors with a gentle diffused glow. Combined with soft faux furs and a bold classic statement piece such as the French inspired bateau bath in Nickel finish, the overall effect is a glimmering light infused design full of distinction with just a hint of wintery drama.

The reflective surfaces provided by the use of silver toned metallic finishes such as a Nickel or Tin, conjure thoughts of glimmering, fresh landscapes, immersed in iridescent beauty, resonating with the world outside.

This design concept, inspired by environments rich in mountains, lakes, forests and rivers, is nowhere more clearly defined than in the winter interior. Think ‘French vibes in a mountain chateau’ or ski chalets with a plethora of natural materials and nature inspired design. Bare wood floors, create a rustic tactile warmth yet retaining the neutral palette sophistication, flashes of fresh mountain blues invigorate the senses, and ice bright glimmering metallics, add a luxurious touch of glamour and contrast.

As designers and consumers continually seek for ways to reconnect with nature and blur the boundaries between the realms of exterior and interior living, winter inspired style is the perfect reflection of our seasonal environment, capturing the emotive essence and magic of the season, whilst banishing the darkness and embracing the glimmering winter light.

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