The purest and most thoughtful minds are those that love colour the most
John Ruskin

With copper set firmly as the new monarch of bathroom design, banishing the austerity of the post-recession era with an infusion of warmth and opulence, it was only a matter of time before William Holland began a quest in search of coppers perfect queen, heralding the rise of colour!

Typically reserved for bath exteriors, the enamel colour trend has spread into a kaleidoscope of possibilities for freestanding copper bath interiors, allowing design and creativity the versatility to combine classic style with contemporary colours and trends.

In Spring/Summer 2015 spirited hues are set to be used in compliment to softer metallics such as Stanneus and Brushed Argenta. Whilst the more vibrant metallics of Cuprosa and Gold Leaf are harmonised with softer interior enamel tints allowing the dynamic copper finish to flicker and dance in contrast.

Colour, form and texture are all intrinsic elements of ambience creation, yet colour above all has the power to create atmosphere and character with the strength to calm or inspire. In no room is this more important than in the sanctuary of the bathroom where increasingly function has given way to escapism and retreat.

Subdued elegance with a dash of vibrancy, opulence with a fairytale finish, or industrial chic with a contemporary twist; with the addition of colour the style combinations, and reinvention of classic luxury are endless. And, with the ability to re-enamel and re-finish your William Holland copper bath as many times as your imagination allows, creative recycling means your style can change as often as your inspiration permits.

Due to be featured in the Decorex 2014 review by Essential Kitchen and Bathroom Business Magazine in November, Sam Guiry – Features Editor comments, the combination of metallic baths with enamel interiors ‘makes such a dramatic change… it responds to consumer’s needs to make their bathroom a highly individual space… and opting for a beautifully handcrafted piece such as the Stanneus Aequs makes a truly bold statement.’

William Holland offer an almost limitless palette of enamel ‘RAL’ colours (the prevalent colour standard used in architecture and construction today) With shades available to suit any design scheme and interior, from rich vermilion reds, vibrant pearl greens right through the colour palette to pure, seductive, graphite black, allowing your bespoke bathroom to be uniquely tailored just for you. Just imagine the possibilities…as Oscar Wilde said ‘Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways’ so let yours sing.

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