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You don’t have to live in a warehouse to embrace Industrial Style!

When Architect Chris Dyson and his wife Sarah first fell in love with the once grand 18th-century Spitalfields townhouse, it was little more than a derelict wreck. Yet through dedication, savvy and sympathetic salvage yard finds and an innate understanding of the buildings architectural heritage, slowly but surely they restored their homes iconic Spitalfields identity.

A minimalist haven full of rural heart! - As featured in House & Garden Magazine

Yet inside, this unique home is filled with one-off bespoke pieces that delight and surprise the eye in a harmonious dance of meticulous design and ingenuity.

Natural Tranquility at the Kali-Art Inn

The recently re-launched Kali-Art Inn nestled within the glorious Kal basin nature reserve boasts laid back boutique luxury with all the wonders of the natural world just a single footstep away.

Home is where the Art is!

Undoubtedly a characterful, boutique gem of a hotel, the Artist Residence Penzance is so much more than just a place to lay your hat.

As Bold as Brass... The New Metal of the Moment!

Building in prominence throughout last season, Brass is set to take centre stage in an exciting year for interiors in 2017.

Go on… Live a little Danishly!

Winter 2016 is all about embracing the moment, enjoying the simplicity of the everyday, and finding the beauty in the small pleasures of life.

Le Petit Chateau – Daring, delightful and bursting with Parisian splendour!

Somewhere between the Parisian decadence of the 1920’s and the Laid back chic of French Provencal emerged the perfect blend of fantasy, fun and sophistication in a tiny Northumberland Hamlet in 21st Century England.